RWA Executive Summary

“Tokenisation is the next generation of the market”, Larry Fink

The tokenisation of real-world assets (RWA) is a significant trend in blockchain. The expectation is that blockchain will become the primary infrastructure for financial markets over time, reducing management costs, improving performance, and allowing various asset classes currently excluded from traditional financial markets to participate.

The major impact will be on asset classes lacking market infrastructure for asset circulation.

For those asset classes already listed on financial markets, blockchain represents a technological innovation but does not change the substance. Conversely, certain asset classes do not have any market infrastructure. For these reasons, blockchain's impact is substantial and comparable to that of the invention of the first stock exchanges, which provided companies with access to credit.

Music is one of the asset classes that can benefit the most from tokenisation

Among these asset classes, music intellectual property (IP) stands out because:

  1. It is valued at approximately over $500 billion globally.

  2. Market infrastructures for its monetisation exist, and acquiring IP generates a revenue flow for the buyer.

  3. Its value derives from widespread, ingrained behaviours, such as music listening, one of the most universal and pervasive activities worldwide.

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