Music Protocol Technology Architecture

Music Protocol aims to redefine IP management and licensing, promoting transparent, efficient, and adaptable handling of music rights. The protocol's modular architecture allows for steady navigation of digital and analogue rights. Music Protocol's decentralised nature supports an open ecosystem for developing new licensing models. Integrating with real-world applications promotes ecosystem collaboration and ensures relevance amidst industry shifts. Music Protocol represents a significant upgrade in managing and leveraging music intellectual property in the digital age, addressing current challenges and anticipating future needs.

The modular architecture

The Music Protocol's blockchain architecture is not just another blockchain system. It's a new concept that embraces the principle of functional multi-chain modularity. This unique approach integrates a collection of blockchain applications that, while interconnected, are developed with different stakes according to their specific functional roles, setting a new standard in the industry.

The Music Protocol's foundational element is the sovereign chain. It serves as the Decentralised System for Intellectual Property management, enabling the identification and coordination of IP Objects across the entire network. Acting as the core settlement layer, it establishes the ecosystem's central directory, ensuring accurate cataloguing of music assets, clear identification of involved entities, and thorough management of all economic and legal relations in compliance with legal mandates, providing a secure and reliable environment for all stakeholders.

The sovereign chain operates under a Pure Proof of Stake (PoS) validation mechanism, fuelled by the $RECORD token. It is supported by a substantial validator network from the music industry and the financial world.

Linked to this sovereign chain are various execution layers, each designed to address essential functions critical to intellectual property management. These layers facilitate the issuance of music distribution licences and the tokenisation of the connected financial rights from a Real World Asset (RWA) perspective.

The execution layers within Music Protocol are engineered to fulfil key roles across the entire value chain, underscoring the platform's comprehensive capability to support and modernise the music industry's ecosystem.

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