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Music is one of the most widespread goods in the world

Music is one of the most widespread goods in the world. It may not be the largest, but like primary consumer goods, it has a universal distribution because everyone has some relationship with music. Music is almost everywhere in the world, whether it's a favourite song heard on the radio, the soundtrack of a movie, or passionate concert experiences.

Creating an infrastructure built on blockchain for managing music's intellectual property could lead to a significant wave of adoption within the blockchain world. Billions of users worldwide would listen to music whose IP, in principle, resides on the blockchain.

Music Protocol is onboarding music industry leaders

The Web3 Music Association ("W3M") is the main contributor to Music Protocol. This non-profit entity brings together several leading companies in the music industry with the vision of nurturing technological adoption. W3M's team has worked in the industry for over thirty years at the highest levels of major labels. W3M includes many of the major independent European labels within its ecosystem.

W3M coordinates industry participation in engagement, research, and adoption case studies. The goal is to promote the use of blockchain technology and validate its potential to streamline even the most intricate mass-consumer sectors, establishing it as a tool for enhancing efficiency. The Association works with industry leaders to develop case studies that lead to the widespread adoption of advanced technologies.

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