$RECORD Airdrop

At Music Protocol, we believe a thriving community is integral to successfully building the future of music. This is why we have allocated 160 million $RECORD tokens (16% of the total supply) on Base for community incentives and distribution to show our appreciation. These tokens will be distributed across multiple seasons, each designed to enhance different aspects of the ecosystem.

The pre-TGE season - SZN1 - focuses on growing and strengthening the community, building on the solid foundations laid by the PODs Community. This season's pre-TGE airdrop campaign is key to engaging and rewarding early supporters.

Find out more here: 👇

After the pre-TGE season, Music Protocol’s upcoming seasons will explore areas such as staking, fan-to-artist interactions, and protocol engagement. These seasons are about innovation, expansion, and creating new avenues for community participation and benefits.

It's a future that promises to be exciting and rewarding for all our community members.

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