USDM: Advancing the Financial Landscape of the Music Industry

What is USDM?

USDM is designed to advance the financial landscape of the music industry by providing traditional and crypto-native investors with frictionless access to industry yields, simplifying the investment selection process.

A New Approach to Tokenisation

The traditional approach to tokenisation involves creating fungible tokens that represent ownership of a specific real or financial right. Investors in these products face the challenge of selecting investments from many existing options.

USDM originates from a fundamentally different idea: creating a homogeneous instrument with a risk profile balancing industry yield and volatility through a fully transparent and onchain financial mechanism. USDM is not strictly a stablecoin, but its circulating supply will always be backed by USDC (uninvested liquidity) or future royalty values, including yields, ensuring it is always implicitly over-collateralised.

How does it work?

The yield will be accessible to all USDM holders who open yield positions on the protocol, locking their liquidity into Music Bond Contracts.

Music Bond Contracts are agreements between music rights owners and underwriters that secure future royalty cash flows, ensure transparency, and reduce counterparty risks. The yields from these MBCs are distributed to USDM holders who stake their tokens through Music Yield Smart Contracts, providing a continuous income stream.

Regulated financial entities will manage all critical phases of USDM money flow - such as liquidity injection and investment catalogue selection. At the same time, USDM will be a utility token freely traded on the market.

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