Introducing Music Protocol

Music Protocol is leading a new wave of innovation in the music industry. It is redefining the management and licensing of music intellectual property (IP) across the digital landscape. Created from an extensive three-year collaboration intersecting the legal, music business, and technology sectors, it is a transformational infrastructure intended to facilitate digital evolution in the music industry.

At its core, Music Protocol is a blockchain-based solution that addresses the intricate management of music IP. Its modular architecture empowers IP owners with the freedom to manage their rights in both digital and, when necessary, analogue formats. This unique system seamlessly integrates digital and optional analogue handling of IP rights, ensuring it can adapt to the industry's ever-changing needs.

Central to this is an open and decentralised protocol. This framework supports the creation of new licensing standards and applications and community collaboration in connecting the protocol to real-world applications. The ecosystem nurtures flexibility, adapting to future digital IP management landscapes. This opens up opportunities for new business models, licensing frameworks, and IP exploitation methodologies.

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